Sunday, April 04, 2004

Where do they Stand on H-1B/L1 and Outsourcing

Indian Americans praised for supporting Bush
WASHINGTON : Republican Congressman Joe Wilson has praised the Indian American community for raising $80,000 to support the re-election of President George W Bush.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Bush comes to Indians' rescue
Washington, March 14: US President George W Bush has expressed his willingness to issue 12,000 more H-1B visas to the limit of 65,000 already reached.
Bush willing to allow more H-1B visas
- Press Trust India

Sunday, September 07, 2003

President George W. Bush: THEN (With Photos:)
Republican Frontliner Bush Tells Indian Americans He Is Committed To More Than Double H-1 Visas.
Bush totally against scrapping H1-B visas: And NOW
"Bush spread his hands as wide apart as possible and stated unequivocally that 'Tancredo and I are at opposite ends of the pole. I fully do not support Congressman Tancredo's bill against H1-Bs',"
“The H-1B programme is important to the US"
"I will seek to maintain a strong H-1B programme”, Bush was quoted as saying by the India Abroad newspaper at a Bush-Cheney fundraiser reception attended by top contributors who donated $10,000 each.
Q&A: Where does the President stand on this issue

"Only two months after 9/11"
Senator Orrin Hatch: (Response to a letter on H-1B)
In the 106' Congress, I sponsored legislation, the American Competitiveness in the TwentyFirst Century Act, to increase the number of available H-1 B visas and broaden the category of those exempt from securing the same.
The bill passed the Senate 96-1. (zazona.com).

General Wesley Clark on Immigration:
"We’re a nation of immigrants. We should be encouraging every person from the Indian Institute of Technology that comes to this country to stay in this country".
(Source: New Democrat Network speech)

Senator Hillary Clinton and the Enemy:
Tata Consultancy Services, an infotech giant based in Mumbai, India, signed a research sharing partnership with University of Buffalo in a ceremony Monday. It also announced the opening of a regional office in downtown Buffalo. " Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said at the ceremony at the Hyatt. "I think this will lead to more jobs and investment here in Buffalo."(Source: Buffalo News 3/11/2003)

Senator John Edwards:
An increase in the number of available H-1B visas is a necessary short-term solution.
(THANKS to zazona.com).

Lieberman has landed financial backing from tech bigwigs
Lieberman has sided with the industry on many issues, including lifting the cap on H1-B visas

Rep. Zoe Lofgren
The bill also addresses the current backlog in H1B applications. It would also permit current H1B visa holders to stay in the U.S. while their green card applications are being processed.

Rep. David Dreier
"By increasing the H1-B visa cap and investing more in U.S. education and training,important jobs in the technology industry will be filled by qualified people, thus creating even more job growth," said Rep. Dreier.

Rep. Richard Gephardt
Introduction of the HI-TECH Act.
"I am pleased to offer my support for this bill. It is the start of our efforts to address the short term need to fill the job vacancies in the technology industry as well as long-term importance of increasing crucial funding for the education and training initiatives that will provide long-term solutions to help fill these vacancies."

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher:
"... I would like to have 200,000 Americans have those jobs. H-1B Visas is nothing more than a reneging on the promise to the American worker that, when supply and demand means that their wages will go up, that we will, instead, import people from overseas to keep their wages down."

Letters by Our Elected Officials on H-1B
(THANKS to zazona.com).

Presidential Candidates on Immigration - March 2000

Monday, August 25, 2003

Rep. Joe Wilson - United States Congressman
I am proud to be the Republican Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans in the 108th Congress. As Republican Chairman of the India Caucus, I have gathered together a group of committed Republicans to work together with me as Regional Chairmen to address the concerns of the Indian-American community.

Hello! I am an unemployed American, thanks to your American Worker Replacement Program (H1/L1 & Outsourcing). Can you please join our caucus, its called AMERICANS!

Current (155) Members of Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans

Wilson Welcomes Ambassador of India to Capitol Hill
“I am happy to see economic ties with India booming. Trade increased since 1991 from $15 million to $15 billion today, and two million Indian-Americans have enriched America with their business acumen".

Webblog: AmericaForSale.

Lets STOP the MADNESS. Please (Write, FAX, or Call) The President, Congress, Senate and the Newspapers, plus the Radio and Television Stations. Please ask your friends to do the same, by making everyone aware of What's Going On, we will WIN!

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